The cap limit and spreads limits for poker game structures

When playing zynga poker, you can utilize these two betting structures. Though far less commonly used, but chances are that you might come across them at some point and try them out. Thus, you must understand how they work.
Spread limit
Spread limit on a bets play is a compromise between the no limit and fixed limit poker structures. The bettors raise and a certain amount on the maximum limits bets. It has some flexibility as they don’t need to raise or bet by a certain fixed amount. They need to get to stick with a pre-determined range, which is referred to as a spread.
You could see a game with a spread limit that has stakes of about $2 – $6. Such a bet could mean that the raises and bets have to be between 2$ and 6$. The spreads normally stay the same for each round of betting, and at the lower end, the spread ends up being the bigger blind’s size.
Cap limit
You can use the poker chipswith the cap limit as the structure for your poker games. It is largely played like the no-limit structure of poker. The only difference is that the total amount has a cap on it regarding the amount of moneythat each player can bet in any particular hand.
The cap will apply across all the betting rounds for each of the poker hands. A 2$/4$ game played on the cap limit might have a $100 cap, meaning if a player happens to bet $20 for the pre-flop and 40$ when it comes to the flop, then it is only possible for the bettor to do another 40$ on the full hand.
Choose the structure that will work best for you and enjoy playing poker.

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