The procedure of Pension January 2021

The natural sources of κοινωνικομερισμα 2021possessed by culture at a socialist market. However this theory have not yet been implemented to a huge scale, on the restricted basis. It overlaps with all the notion of a universal standard income guarantee.

Monetary payment: A Retirement is just a fund of funds, that can be paid after the retirement of a government worker. It’s a regular payment. In the calendar year 2021 pension will be supplied towards the employees that will retire. This year, known as συνταξεις Ιανουαριου 2021.It is a fiscal aid platform after retirement.

New Year Celebration: As
2020 is come to a finish. Thus , next year will soon include a fresh lifestyle and fresh hope. Εορτολογιο 2021is a brand new mild for many of is that will bring a positive supply in every area globally. 2021 is currently te 12 months of covid’19 relaxing season . Even as we all know thatthis calendar year a really year. Thus that the brand new year may come with trust and also standard life in every lifespan.

Positive resource: The church is our positive origin in most circumstance. It gives us fresh confidence, energy, objective, and also target to fulfill your own dream. The εκκλησια 1821also called Dark Post or liberty of church worldwide. All the churches believe from the rules of Methodism theory, a soul of evangelism that function the areas of feeling, thought, and action in technical democracy.

Control agency: OPEKEPE payments (ΟΠΕΚΕΠΕ πληρωμες) will be A Greek payment ability of common agriculture policy. It has a legal thing and also a private site, which restrain all of the payment-related job. It has a complicated form of service. It creates routine payments to get daily basis for rural development approaches. It builds in 2001 to successfully manage the capital of EAGF and EFF to avoidance against some other fraud and also recovery of payment.

The beneficiary is largely Farmers association, export companies, an investor at the agriculture sector, manufacturing company, etc.. It features a variety of advice and authority’s duties around the book of instructions.

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