Bug out and things which should never be there during a shft

When you are assembling your bug out bag, it might be easy getting carried away and to start to throw everything inside because you think you will require them. Even if you think that to place everything in your bug out will not cause any harm, there are things which might end up holding you back if you pack them.
The following are things that you should never put in your bug out bag
A lot of water
Water is known to be a survival staple and even though it is important to pack it, having a way that you could purify water might be a better option. If required to carry enough water for a single day to survive, it will be quite a lot. Instead of having to carry several lbs of water, you need to consider carrying a filter which weighs just few ounces.
Large tent
If you happen to need a large tent for accommodating several people, then you need to have one person who will specifically carry that one. Going for a large tent might take a lot of the space and the poles which come with that to might be too heavy to be placed in a bug out bag. While you could function well with just a small camp tent, an emergency or tarp blanket might be what your require
Heavy beddings
The only time when you have to carry around heavy beddings in your bag for bug out is when the temperatures are too cold. In most instances, you can easily survive with just your dry clothes, a sleeping bag or a blanket for emergency.

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